General Assembly Committees

Experience the thrill of the largest-size MUN committees in this conference, debating the same topics as the United Nation's most prominent deliberative organ: the General Assembly.

Disarmament & International Security Committee

  • Number of Delegates: 65
  • Topic: Preventing Terrorists from Accessing Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Director: Braulio Mourao
  • Assistant Directors: Sebastian Chu, Michael Cottle, Andrea Sarria
  • Background Guide (Download)

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

  • Number of Delegates: 65
  • Topic: Combating Xenophobia, Racism, and related Intolerance in all its forms
  • Director: Jimena Velarde-Alvarez
  • Assistant Directors: Nicolas Leey, Manuel Calderón
  • Background Guide (Download)

Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization

  • Number of Delegates: 40 (advanced delegate committee)
  • Topic: Practical Measures to Revitalize and Reform the United Nations System
  • Director: Maria Fernanda Barros
  • Assistant Directors: Giulia Barbieri, Aitana Saettone & Andrea Chu
  • Background Guide (Download)

Economic and Social Council Committees

30-delegates large, each Economic and Social Council committee promises heated debate on critical development, environmental, criminal and educational challenges.

United Nations Development Programme

  • Number of Delegates: 30
  • Topic: Fostering Development in Conflict-Affected and Fragile States
  • Director: José Ignacio Morelli
  • Assistant Directors: Liah Scott, Macarena Coronado, Felipe Núñez del Prado
  • Background Guide (Download)

United Nations Environmental Programme

  • Number of Delegates: 30
  • Topic: Innovation in Natural Resource Management
  • Director: Lorenzo Mutal
  • Assistant Directors: Abrielle Belloni, Giacomo Ducato, Fabiana Kawakami
  • Background Guide (Download)

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

  • Number of Delegates: 30
  • Topic: The Role of Technology in Illicit Trade
  • Director: Alexander Scott
  • Assistant Directors: Elías Helguero, Lara Elías, Diego Galdo
  • Background Guide (Download)

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Number of Delegates: 30
  • Topic: Achieving Full, Quality Education for All Children
  • Director: Andrea Quispe
  • Assistant Directors: Josefina Wu, Antonella Arana, Renato Llontop
  • Background Guide (Download)

Regional Bodies

Regional Bodies enable delegates to debate the most paramount issues for current UN political groups at the smaller, regional level

League of Arab States

  • Number of Delegates: 22
  • Topic: Combating violent extremism in the Arab World
  • Director: Lucca Frare
  • Assistant Directors: Iñaki Fonso Reyes, Mateo Pinilla, Isabella Carrera
  • Background Guide (Download)

Organización de Estados Americanos (in Spanish)

  • Número de delegados: 35
  • Tema: Democratización e institucionalidad responsable en América Latina
  • Directora: Alexia Saettone
  • Directores asistentes: Sol Reátegui, Mariana Peschiera, Franco Beramendi
  • Guía de estudio (Descargar)

African Union

  • Number of Delegates: 30
  • Topic: Women’s Protection and Advancement in the African Continent
  • Director: Romina Osterling
  • Assistant Directors: Gonzalo Cánez, Arianne Flit, Celine Parró
  • Background Guide (Download)

Crisis Committees

Crisis committees enable delegates to showcase their skills in the shoes of historical characters in the CVR and of countries as a double delegation in the Security Council for the fastest, most dynamic and most heated debate.

Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación (2000) (in Spanish)

  • Número de delegados: 12
  • Tema: La verdad sobre la violencia política en el Perú de 1980-2000
  • Director: Juan Diego Du Bois
  • Director de Crisis: Víctor Andrés Marroquín
  • Directores Asistentes: Nicolás Vargas, Mariapaz Casabonne
  • Guía de estudio (Descargar)

United Nations Security Council

  • Number of Delegates: 30 (15 double-delegations)
  • Topic: Missile Proliferation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Director: Lauren Cottle
  • Assistant Directors: Joaquín Malo, Gianluca Ambrosini
  • Background Guide (Download)

Third Party Actors

The Press Corps and Non-Governmental Organisations allow participants to play a fundamental role in shaping international relations, holding governments accountable for their actions, and putting delegates on their feet throughout the conference.

Press Corps & Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Number of Delegates in Press Corps: 10 
  • Number of Delegates in NGOs: 9
  • Director: Alessandra Licetti
  • Assistant Directors: Juan Diego Balestrini, Gianfranco Torres
  • Background Guide (Download)